Community-First Digital Banking

BossUp Bank aims to change the way underserved and disenfranchised customers earn and save.


Let's Change Banking Forever

The BossUp team is re-imagining banking so that it works for all.

Savings That Matter

We are building a bank that puts more back in your pocket than our competitors.

ATM Network

Our success in retail will allow us to establish a powerful ATM network you can trust.

2nd Chance Accounts

Have traditional banks left you behind because of bad credit or hard times? We got you.

Let's redefine banking.

Millions of Americans are suffering from a poor job market, a global recession, and other factors that have put more people at risk of falling into poverty than any time since the Great Depression.

The existing banking system was not built to help people back on their feet, in fact it's deliberately designed to leave the unfortunate behind. BossUp aims to change that -- forever.